About my fees

I accept instructions in the field of education cases on the basis only of a privately-paid retainer.

I do not undertake work in this field on a conditional fee basis.

I can work on an hourly rate basis and my hourly rate is £275 per hour plus VAT.

I tend to work however on a “fixed fee” basis.

After an initial enquiry, when I have been able to gauge what is involved in the work you would like to me to do, I will provide you with a fixed price quotation based on how long it will take me to do the work, the value of the case, its complexity and the responsibility you are asking me to assume.

If it takes me longer to do the work than I anticipate, then I bear that cost.

For parents who instruct me on an a Direct Access Basis, the work that I can do is “unbundled” and so can include all or any of the following aspects: advice in conference on the merit’s of your child’s case (usually about £1000 plus VAT) drafting the paperwork for an appeal to the tribunal (£1000 plus VAT) and attendance at a 1 day tribunal hearing (£4000 plus VAT).

My fees are competitive with my peers at the London and Manchester Bars in this area of legal practice.